The Backstory:

The name White Tideline Designs came to me in a dream the night my father passed away 13 years ago. It was a dream of a tideline silver in the sunlight, littered with shells in the shapes of flowers. It was a dream of the tideline around Indian Point on Savary Island in British Columbia, a wild & pristine summer sanctuary my father gave us year-after-year when I was a child. When I awakened from the dream that night, my Dad was gone, but White Tideline Designs was born.

A stage & voiceover actress by training, I am now the mother of two children, . My greatest joy is to stay home with them as much as possible which precludes my life in the theatre. I like to say, 'I used to play great women and now I make their baubles!' Needless to say, I was flattered and delighted when one of my clients wore a pair of my earrings to one year's Tony Awards!

For over 25 years I worked at a wonderful boutique adventure travel company. My many travels to far and distant places still provide so much inspiration behind my designs. I've sat with shamans in Zimbabwe and Peru, walked through ruins of the Incans, the Byzantines & Mayans; plowed the Arctic waters of the Vikings, seen two total eclipses of the sun, sailed round Cape Horn enroute to Antarctica and beheld the secret sketches of Michaelangelo in the ante-chamber of a famous chapel in Florence, Italy. With two teenagers in-tow, my wild travels have grown rare and so it is through the wondrous collaboration with studio glass bead makers that I am able to travel, vicariously, through my design work. Sometimes I can see a whole universe in the beads created by these master artisans. I can see the mountains, the stars & the sea, ancient ruins and myriad landcapes from my travels around the world. Just take a look at the lampwork beads in my pieces and you can see for yourself.

My jewelry is a journey and hopes to mirror in a small ways the enormous power and beauty of our world.  Thank you so much for stopping by I appreciate your time and curiosity and would love to be a frequent destination in your online travels!

Julie Wilson